How To Cook Quinoa

By Wendy Polisi

quinoaI've got to be truthful. The moment I first heard of quinoa, I was more than a little hesitant. How could a meal which had so many health benefits actually taste great too? A friend of mine was endeavoring to encourage me that it would give me the vitality and also protein that I need to power my rather busy life, however I was not so convinced. Man, am I thankful that I made a decision to take the plunge! Since the very first time I figured out how to prepare quinoa grain, I've been absolutely hooked! Even better, my family loves quinoa as well!

For those who have never prepared quinoa grain, I am going to discuss several secrets and techniques with you. Typically the first thing you will always want to bear in mind is the fact that quinoa must be rinsed. Many men and women try to omit this task to save lots of time, however in the end these people wind up unhappy. Quinoa which has not been washed tastes like soap and even for many people, in addition, it causes digestive distress. In the event you would like to hasten the time that washing quinoa grain takes, it is easy to soak it for a couple of hours just before washing. This is very beneficial when you have bought your quinoa grain in bulk because it allows you to release the waxy saponins on the seeds exterior. You want to wash in water until eventually the water runs clear.

It is easy to cook quinoa over the stove as well as in the steam cooker. It may also be baked if you are searching for a crispy topping for a yogurt snack or even to replace croutons on your salad. If you decide to cook quinoa grain on the range top or steam cooker, you will need to use two times as much fluid as you are preparing quinoa. Bring it to boil over high heat and then turn the heat to moderate low. Cover the cookware and simmer for between fourteen and 16 minutes or until the liquid is all absorbed. Remove the quinoa grain from the heat and allow to stay covered for another six minutes or so.

If you would prefer to use your rice cooker, simply follow the same instructions that you would use for white rice. Because every steamer is a bit different, you need to fine-tune the cooking time accordingly. To bake quinoa you'll want to pre-heat your oven to 375 and cook the quinoa grain for about 18 minutes. Before cooking you may toss the quinoa with a little olive oil as well as whatever seasonings you want.

By Wendy Polisi. For more information on how to cook quinoa perfectly or why quinoa is so good for you, please visit me on the web.

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