Swedish Breads and Pastries

New Book Review
Swedish Breads and Pastries, by Jan Hedh. Swedish sweetbreads, crisp breads, savory loaves, and pastries—this beautifully illustrated cookbook has it all. Jan Hedh believes that everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy freshly baked bread for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! More than just a collection of recipes, this guide contains vivid, full-color photographs of step-by-step methods to knead, roll, braid, cut, and bake dough into a variety of shapes and styles. From dinner rolls and pudding to baguettes and waffles, Swedish Breads and Pastries is the ultimate guide to bread making that no chef, event coordinator, or home baker will want to be without. The Scandinavians are known around the world for their delicious breads and pastries—now you can indulge in those same flavors and aromas in your own home. 300 color photographs.

Jan Hedh is known throughout Sweden as a beloved baker and confectioner and is internationally recognized within the food industry. He lives in Sweden. Click here for more information or to order.

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