Thai Foodcast: Easy Thai Recipes

DVD Review
Thai Foodcast: Easy Thai Recipes, starring Aunchalee Burkhart, directed by John Burkhart. By watching this DVD you will gain the knowledge and skills required to make ten great tasting Thai dishes that are so simple, they will easily become part of your weekly meal schedule. Some of the most delicious Thai food is also the easiest to make, however a lot of western people are intimidated by the idea of cooking Thai food themselves. The goal of Thai Foodcast is to make cooking Thai food accessible, even if you've never set foot in an Asian grocery store before.

Each recipe is accompanied by a step by step video, that explains not just the actual cooking, but also teaches you about the different ingredients and sauces that go into making Thai Cuisine. We've selected ten of the easiest, quickest, and tastiest Thai recipes to prepare. Recipes include Thai Basil Chicken, Coconut Chicken Soup, Fried Bananas, Papaya Salad, Fried Spring Rolls, Pad Thai, Fried Rice, Green Curry Chicken, Pork Ball Soup, and Fresh Spring Rolls.

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