Vegetarian Cooking For Diabetes

DVD Review
Vegetarian Cooking For Diabetes, with Chef Radha Krishnan, directed by Gopinath. It is common knowledge that insufficient secretion of insulin from the Pancreas to help energize the crores of cells in the body leads to an increase in the level of sugar in the blood vessels. The result is that the sugar that is produced from the intake of food remains in the blood without the body being able to utilize the benefit. This may lead to impotency, nervous and vision disorders, cardiac problems etc. Whatever be the causes for diabetes, the process is irreversible but can effectively be controlled by taking a balanced diet, physical exercise and medication. While medication helps in the secretion of insulin, physical exercise helps in burning excess calories in the food in-take.

But these will not be effective, if care is not taken in the choice of food one takes, its quantity and timing. Balance has to be struck among nutrition, quantity and taste. This DVD contains not only the medical advice on the type of diabetic diet but also recipes and demonstration of cooking certain food items. Click here for more information or to order.

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